GudabröderI ZeusII PoseidonIII Hades Three part piece for chamber orchestra performed by students at the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen. Conducted by Jean Thorell. Premiered at Pulsar Festival the 13 march 2022.

Premiere – Gudabröder

Premiere of “Gudabröder”. Three part piece for Sinfonietta performed in the concert hall in RDAM.

Workshop at Skissernas Museum

The Sound of Peas – Workshop with Kristin Warfvinge Inspired by Kristina Mautosch’s artwork Scenery, we make our own musical piece from dried peas. We examine the aural qualities of the plant and create our own instruments. Various materials for building will be available, but you may also bring your own recording equipment if you are …

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Une Charogne

Piece for choir performed by Danish National Vocal Ensemble. Text by Charles Baudelaires. Soprano solo by Klaudia Kidon.  Talking solo by Steffen Bruun.  Performed 12/11-21 in Trinitatis Kirke. Danish National Vocal Ensemble Marcus Creed (conductor)(c) 2021 DR (Danmarks Radio). Reproduced with permission. 

Joe, Jack, Bill & Averell

Piece for 4 pianos. Performed by: Hao Deng, Riccardo Atanasio, Cecilia Apostolo and Jialin Yang; students at the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen. Recorded at Pulsar festival 9/9 2021.

Choir piece: Une charogne

A part of the concert “Workshopkoncert med DR vokalensemblet”. Performed by DR vokalensemble. Link to event