GudabröderI ZeusII PoseidonIII Hades Three part piece for chamber orchestra performed by students at the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen. Conducted by Jean Thorell. Premiered at Pulsar Festival the 13 march 2022.

Une Charogne

Piece for choir performed by Danish National Vocal Ensemble. Text by Charles Baudelaires. Soprano solo by Klaudia Kidon.  Talking solo by Steffen Bruun.  Performed 12/11-21 in Trinitatis Kirke. Danish National Vocal Ensemble Marcus Creed (conductor)(c) 2021 DR (Danmarks Radio). Reproduced with permission. 

Joe, Jack, Bill & Averell

Piece for 4 pianos. Performed by: Hao Deng, Riccardo Atanasio, Cecilia Apostolo and Jialin Yang; students at the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen. Recorded at Pulsar festival 9/9 2021.

Lilla zombiestad

For string quintett (2v,1vla,2vc) Performed by: students at the Falun Music Conservatory


For: wind orchestra Performed by: Gotlandsmusiken

Feminin musik

For Violin, viola, cello, flute, bass clarinet, piano and percussion Performed by: Norbotten Neo

Go low

Performed by Esbjerg Ensemble For: Alto flute, Cor anglais, Bass clarinet, Counter bassoon, Horn in F, Percussion, 2 Violins, Viola and Cello.  I would describe this piece as an experiment in the concept of perception and instrumentation. First of all the main concept is that all the instrument play in their lowest register for the …

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Peter Stormare

For: 4 violins, 4 violas, 4 celli Performed by: Students at the Danish Royal Acadamy of music. This piece builds around the idea of music moving around in physical space. The musicians are set up in a specific pattern (see picture) with the celli in the middle and the violins and violas around them in …

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